Art Therapy

Copper Hills Youth Center has an art therapist that rotates through the units. Resident art work is displayed for all residents and employees to view on our gallery wall. Students really enjoy art therapy:

“I’ve loved my art therapy experiences, because the therapist taught me new ways to express myself and my tricky emotions. Because of her I don’t have to keep my thoughts, and emotions locked up, just because I’m too afraid how my actions may affect me or the people around me. Also, she taught a new way to look at things, a more creative way to think of people and to feel their emotions, to understand their points of view and most of all, to respect them for who they are.” – CHYC Student

“I loved the art classes and yoga poses that were relaxing. I started talking more positive about myself. I have been putting effort in my treatment this past month and I’m very proud of myself. I missed a lot of outings that sounded like fun, because I wasn’t a high level yet. I recently made leader on Sunday and I feel so accomplished.” – CHYC Student