Copper Hills Youth Center teachers provide history, science, math, PE, and English curriculum. Students expressed their views about education:

“School has been a better experience. Where I can feel safe and not so shy. It taught me that if I’m determined I can get into high honor roll, that I can push myself past my goals and that I can go past the distance.” – CHYC student

“My favorite thing to do every day is to go to school because all my teachers are really generous to me and I love to learn about new things around the world.” – CHYC student

Art Therapy

Copper Hills Youth Center has an art therapist that rotates through the units. Resident art work is displayed for all residents and employees to view on our gallery wall. Students really enjoy art therapy:

“I’ve loved my art therapy experiences, because the therapist taught me new ways to express myself and my tricky emotions. Because of her I don’t have to keep my thoughts, and emotions locked up, just because I’m too afraid how my actions may affect me or the people around me. Also, she taught a new way to look at things, a more creative way to think of people and to feel their emotions, to understand their points of view and most of all, to respect them for who they are.” – CHYC Student

“I loved the art classes and yoga poses that were relaxing. I started talking more positive about myself. I have been putting effort in my treatment this past month and I’m very proud of myself. I missed a lot of outings that sounded like fun, because I wasn’t a high level yet. I recently made leader on Sunday and I feel so accomplished.” – CHYC Student

New Year’s Eve Celebration

“New Year’s Eve was fun because Recreation Therapy did a dance for us and they bought us a bunch of soda, pizza, and some really good frosted cookies for us too.” – CHYC Student

“I have gotten to be at CHYC for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Those were all right here, the staff really tried on those days and since my family is not up here, the staff basically became a “new family” for me. I went to my first high school dance here at CHYC. It wasn’t all that bad, pretty fun since it was a co-ed. The coolest things I have done here at CHYC is lose 23 lbs and I have started to build a relationship with my family again. Therapy has really helped me here and has helped me to try and change my ways to become a better person. My future looks even brighter now because of this opportunity, and that is pretty cool from when I came a few months ago.” – CHYC Student

The Snow Ball

Copper Hills recently had a dance for all higher phases called the Snow Ball. Residents were encouraged to dress in all white. Here are comments from residents that attended:

“The Snow Ball was beyond cool for me, because it was my very first dance, and it was a first time feeling like I don’t have to always watch my back, or always have to be so self-conscious around people. It was also the place where I’ve made a couple new friends.” – CHYC Student

“The Snowball dance was really fun. There was a lot of food, drinks, and music. At first I didn’t want to dance but as the night moved on I got past my comfort zone and got up and socialized. It was so fun. I was surprised when the night was over, but I looked forward to having more dances and co-ed outings. When I went to the karaoke outing for guides, I had so much fun… Overall though the dance and the outings were really fun and I will always remember them.” – CHYC Student

“I loved the Snow Ball because I met new people and I also got to dance with the ladies.” – CHYC Student