New Year’s Eve Celebration

“New Year’s Eve was fun because Recreation Therapy did a dance for us and they bought us a bunch of soda, pizza, and some really good frosted cookies for us too.” – CHYC Student

“I have gotten to be at CHYC for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Those were all right here, the staff really tried on those days and since my family is not up here, the staff basically became a “new family” for me. I went to my first high school dance here at CHYC. It wasn’t all that bad, pretty fun since it was a co-ed. The coolest things I have done here at CHYC is lose 23 lbs and I have started to build a relationship with my family again. Therapy has really helped me here and has helped me to try and change my ways to become a better person. My future looks even brighter now because of this opportunity, and that is pretty cool from when I came a few months ago.” – CHYC Student