The Snow Ball

Copper Hills recently had a dance for all higher phases called the Snow Ball. Residents were encouraged to dress in all white. Here are comments from residents that attended:

“The Snow Ball was beyond cool for me, because it was my very first dance, and it was a first time feeling like I don’t have to always watch my back, or always have to be so self-conscious around people. It was also the place where I’ve made a couple new friends.” – CHYC Student

“The Snowball dance was really fun. There was a lot of food, drinks, and music. At first I didn’t want to dance but as the night moved on I got past my comfort zone and got up and socialized. It was so fun. I was surprised when the night was over, but I looked forward to having more dances and co-ed outings. When I went to the karaoke outing for guides, I had so much fun… Overall though the dance and the outings were really fun and I will always remember them.” – CHYC Student

“I loved the Snow Ball because I met new people and I also got to dance with the ladies.” – CHYC Student