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About Us

About Us

About Copper Hills Youth Center

Our Mission: To provide a structured and therapeutic environment with individualized treatment to encourage progress, growth and healing.

Population Served: We serve the needs of male and female adolescents, ages 12 through 17. We are able to provide treatment through the 17th year until the day before a resident turns 18.
Convenient Location: 5899 West Rivendell Drive, West Jordan, Utah 84081 (30 minutes south of Salt Lake City International Airport)

Fully Accredited and Licensed: We are fully accredited by The Joint Commission, licensed by the Utah Department of Human Services and our non-public school is fully accredited by Cognia.

Treatment Programs: We offer specialized therapeutic programs for male and female adolescents and a male Autism Spectrum Disorder specialty program. Chemical Dependency and Substance Use Treatment Services are also available.

Behavior Modification: We utilize a Phase Program designed for a trauma-focused level of care.

Trauma-Informed Care – We offer a trauma-informed care model program that is evidenced based: Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress (SPARCS).

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy – We utilize an attachment-informed care model with direct care staff: Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP).

Family Inclusion – We value the importance of family. Parents receive the opportunity to learn DDP skills from therapists in weekly family therapy sessions.

Direct Care Staff – All of our direct care staff are trained on clinical models by supervisors who are therapists.

Treatment Programs – We offer specialized therapeutic programming for female and male adolescents as well as a male Autism Spectrum Disorder specialty program. In offering a variety of programs we have the opportunity to find the best fit for each adolescent.

Substance Use Treatment – Chemical Dependency and Substance Use Treatment Services are also available for adolescents that are currently struggling with these issues.

Clinical Staff – All of our therapists are masters level clinicians with a variety of specializations in addition to the SPARCS and DDP models.

Non-Public School – Our staff includes a Director of Special Education, Special Education Teachers and a Licensed School Psychologist. We offer a year-round calendar, behavioral support program, monthly progress notes, quarterly report cards, life skills training, field trips and sports tournaments.

Education Department – Academics is a priority at Copper Hills. We utilize a traditional school model where students transition between classrooms and experience different teachers for different subjects.

Teachers – Many of our teachers have Special Education credentials and students are actively engaged in the classroom. Our teachers use a variety of instructional approaches such as cooperative learning, exhibitions of learning, research projects, etc.

School Environment – We offer an enriched school environment to actively engage students in the social aspects of the school experience. Activities include field trips, guest speakers, assemblies and sports tournaments.

Recreational Therapy Department – In 2013, Copper Hills Youth Center was presented the “Outstanding Program Award” by the Utah Recreation Therapy Association. This award is highly recognized in the field and is awarded to programs that provide exceptional programming along with a high degree of professionalism and quality work.

Recreational Therapy Programming – Our exceptional Recreation Therapy (RT) program is evidenced based. Our award-winning curriculum incorporates a Psychoeducational Program, Adventure-Based Program, Challenge Course Program, Service-Learning Program, Animal Assisted Therapy and Community Reintegration Program. Our clinical RT program incorporates assessments, individualized goals, ongoing evaluations and discharge planning.

Additional Recreational Services – In addition to Recreation Therapy, the following services are provided: Art Therapy and Music Therapy provided by credentialed Art and Music Therapists and Yoga provided by a certified Yoga Instructor.

Through teamwork, integrity, accountability, communication and respect, Copper Hills Youth Center strives to make changes for the greater good and provide extraordinary service to the youth we serve, their families, our employees and our community.

Copper Hills Youth Center will invest its time and resources in the youth and the families we serve and support positive change. This will be accomplished through quality programming, collecting and analyzing data and exhausting all ethical means necessary to produce the wanted change.

  • Respect: We believe that each individual is unique, capable of change and deserving of our respect.
  • Integrity: We believe in doing the right thing and doing it well, regardless of the consequences.
  • Teamwork: We believe in working as a team through open and continuous communication. We respect every person’s voice and actively work for the greater good.
  • Communication: We believe that through active listening, compassion, understanding, honesty and cooperation we will communicate the needs of those we serve and represent.
  • Accountability: We believe in being responsible for the outcomes of our words and actions.

One Call Is All It Takes

If your adolescent is struggling with a primary psychiatric disorder, including autism spectrum disorder, treatment at Copper Hills Youth Center could help change their lives. Don’t wait, call 800-776-7116 today.