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Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Treatment Programs at Copper Hills Youth Center

Copper Hills is proud to offer the following specialized, gender-specific programs to youth:

Therapeutic Treatment Program for Adolescent Males
Copper Hills sees each young man who walks through our doors as a unique individual. We provide 24-hour supervision and a custom treatment plan to help young men who experience behavioral health disorders.

Therapeutic Treatment Program for Adolescent Females
At Copper Hills, we provide 24-hour supervision and an individualized treatment plan to help young women reach their full potential. We offer the tools needed to allow girls to heal from behavioral health disorders.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialty Program
This residential treatment program is designed for adolescents ages 12 through 17 who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Substance Use Treatment
Residents admitted to Copper Hills Youth Center with substance use issues, either currently or in the past, will be evaluated for participation in our Substance Use Treatment.

All of our program services include the following:

Individualized treatment – Our team of physicians, nurses, teachers, licensed therapists and mental health associates will develop a treatment plan designed specifically for each resident at Copper Hills. Our team will work with the resident and family to lead, guide and create an interactive and flexible environment for change. Our treatment plans and therapeutic assignments are based on each child’s abilities and needs.

Therapeutic community – Our resident community revolves around personal responsibility, leadership, group support, social skills, daily living skills and communication training to help develop healthy interactions. Residents participate in individual, group and family therapy conducted by licensed clinicians. Recreational programs help residents achieve a healthy balance in their daily lives. Programs include physical education and skill activities such as hiking, camping, river rafting and ropes courses.

Recreational Therapy – Recreational therapy at Copper Hills provides unique opportunities for all students to work through their issues both mentally and physically.

Education – Our fully accredited private school allows students to continue their education while they receive the treatment they need. Classes are held Monday through Friday with teachers with special education backgrounds and professional development in areas relating to our residents. The educational program emphasizes building a student’s self esteem through academic instruction that also includes behavioral, social and emotional aspects. Instructors work with the therapeutic community to provide a positive and successful learning environment. We offer classes in English, science, social studies, math and physical education that match each student’s abilities and needs, including those students with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders. School instruction and study time meet all requirements and credits earned at Copper Hills are transferable to other schools. At the time of discharge, an official school transcript is forwarded to the appropriate home school district.

If your adolescent is struggling with a primary psychiatric disorder, including autism spectrum disorder, treatment at Copper Hills Youth Center could help change their lives. Don’t wait, call 800-776-7116 today.