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Inpatient Treatment at Copper Hills Youth Center

Copper Hills Youth Center offers trauma-informed inpatient treatment to adolescent boys and girls experiencing a primary psychiatric disorder, as well as specialized substance use treatment.

Our Inpatient Treatment Programs Include:

  • Weekly individual, family and group therapy
  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Monthly team treatment meetings to review progress
  • Medication management
  • Dual-diagnosis substance abuse treatment
  • Average length of stay: six – eight months

Inpatient Treatment for Adolescent Girls

Not all young women learn or progress in the same way, which is why we provide separate tracks that allow adolescents to learn in a way that is geared toward their needs. All tracks allow individuals to advance to upper phases and include a positive setting, group meetings and other interventions.

Inpatient Treatment for Adolescent Boys

At Copper Hills Youth Center, we provide separate tracks to allow adolescent boys to learn in a way that is geared toward their needs. Each unit is designed for boys at a variety of ages, developmental considerations and the symptoms being treated.

Substance Use Treatment

Copper Hills Youth Center is committed to helping residents who struggle with substance use and addiction to increase their awareness and coping skills to maintain a sober and healthy life. This is done through individual and group therapy.

One Call Is All It Takes

If your adolescent is struggling with a primary psychiatric disorder, including autism spectrum disorder, treatment at Copper Hills Youth Center could help change their lives. Don’t wait, call 800-776-7116 today.