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Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy Program

The Recreation Therapy (RT) program at Copper Hills Youth Center is designed to improve residents’ well-being and resilience through the provision of positive leisure experiences and psychoeducational programs. The leisure and well-being model and resiliency theory were used to guide the development of the RT program. Therefore, RT services focus upon enhancing the cognitive, physical, social, psychological and spiritual resources necessary for well-being, as well as the seven resiliency characteristics of insight, independence, creativity, humor, initiative, relationships and values orientation.

The RT program follows a clinical process involving assessments, individualized goals, ongoing evaluations and discharge planning. All recreation therapists are licensed in the state of Utah and are nationally certified by the National Council of Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

Recreation Therapy Services Include The Following Programs:

Psychoeducational Program

Groups designed to teach and enhance the necessary life skills to achieve optimal well-being and the seven resiliency characteristics through a therapeutic process.

Adventure Based Program

Through river rafting, rock-climbing, canoeing, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and downhill skiing, residents are able to expand their leisure skills, knowledge and awareness. As residents acquire new skills and are able to conquer difficult challenges, they will develop resources that will contribute to their overall success and well-being.

Challenge Course Program

The Challenge Course Program is a series of ground, low and high initiatives that build trust, support, teamwork, confidence and communication skills. The course is made up of various cables, poles and ropes that range from one foot off of the ground to 35 feet in the air.

Service-Learning Program

Includes a wide range of service outings such as working with people with disabilities, children, the elderly, families and animals. Through this unique program, residents will gain a stronger sense of purpose as they learn they have the ability to make a positive difference. Ultimately upon discharge, residents will become positive contributing members of society.

Animal Assisted Therapy Program

Through Equine Therapy and Canine Therapy residents are able to increase expression of feelings, healthy relationships, self-confidence and positive mood through the human-animal bond.

Community Reintegration Program

Therapy outings foster appropriate social behaviors, interactions and norms through engaging in typical community outings such as going to the movies, bowling, swimming, ice-skating and museums.

Art Therapy and Music Therapy Program

In addition to Recreation Therapy, we also offer Art Therapy and Music Therapy provided by credentialed art and music therapists and Yoga provided by a certified yoga instructor.

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